Terms of Use


Terms of Use

1. The Japan External Trade Organization (hereinafter, “JETRO”) provides “Sample Showroom” (hereinafter, “this service”) for the purpose of supporting Japanese companies in doing business with overseas companies and developing their business overseas, and to organize business matching in response to requests from overseas companies. Please note that by applying for this service, you agree to the Terms of Use and Disclaimer.

2. JETRO provides Sample Showroom in the form of a website via the Internet.

3. Information provided by the customer when using this system will be used for the operation of this system, registered in the database within JETRO, and used for the implementation of related projects and contact from JETRO.

4. When the customer makes inquiries or requests business negotiations regarding products listed on Sample Showroom, the customer’s name, email address, company name, and HP address are presented to the supplier of the product (hereinafter, “supplier”). We use this in support of business matching.

5. JETRO may record all or part of your orders in order to improve the quality of this service.

6. Information and materials provided by suppliers or JETRO by this system shall be used only by the customer, and such information, etc. shall not be provided to third parties. However, this does not apply if the explicit consent is obtained from the provider.

7. The copyright of all or part of the content such as movies, illustrations, text, sounds or related materials related to the contents of this system (hereinafter, “this content”) belongs to JETRO and other copyright holders (hereinafter, “copyright holders”).

8. Reproduction of this content without the written or electromagnetic consent of the copyright holder (including, but not limited to recording and capture acquisition of still images, the same shall apply hereinafter.), screening, public transmission (including but not limited to transmission enablement. the same shall apply hereinafter.), exhibition, distribution, transfer, loan, adaptation, translation, secondary use, etc., In the unlikely event that this is violated, we will immediately stop providing all or part of this system.

9. Without the consent of JETRO, reproduction, screening, public transmission, exhibition, distribution, transfer, loan, adaptation, translation, secondary use, etc. of this content is an act of copyright infringement. The user may be subject to criminal liability. In addition, these acts also infringe on the privacy rights, portrait rights, etc. of business partners.

10. The customer agrees that JETRO will publish the results of the operation of this system (including the outcome related to the customer) of all or part of this content at its discretion, and in this regard, we shall not exercise any personality rights.

11. In addition to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, we will comply with the following items and JETRO’s instructions regarding the use of this service.
(1) The access URL, ID, password, etc. of this system must not be disclosed to a third party unless otherwise instructed by JETRO.
(2) To prevent unauthorized access, please enter your full name in the account information so that you can identify yourself.
(3) Please refrain from sharing highly confidential or personal information (excluding names).
(4) When providing this service, please participate in an environment where a third party cannot see the screen of your device.

12. The availability and content of the Service to the customer shall be determined by JETRO at its discretion. JETRO may terminate any and all legal relationship with the customer in connection with the Service and other matters ancillary thereto by refusing to offer or discontinuing the provision of the Service, and JETRO shall not be liable to the customer in respect thereof, if the customer falls under any of the following:
(i) if the customer, whether in Japan or overseas, commits any act which violates any laws, regulations, orderly business manners, and the like;
(ii) if the customer, whether in Japan or overseas, misuses, abuses, or undermines the dignity of the JETRO name;
(iii) if the customer fails to comply with the content of this Terms of Use;
(iv) if the customer is found to have made a false statement to JETRO;
(v) if the customer is found to be engaged in a business that violates public order or morals;
(vi) if the customer is found to be involved in or substantially involved in an anti-social force or is listed on the SDN list or other national sanctions list; or
(vii) if JETRO considers it inappropriate to provide the customer with the Service.

13. In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between this Terms of Use and Disclaimer and any other terms of use, this Terms of Use and Disclaimer shall prevail unless expressly excluded in such other terms and conditions of use.

14. JETRO may change this Terms of Use and Disclaimer at any time by giving notice to the customer or by posting a notice on the Web Site.

15. The legal relationships and derived rights and obligations regarding the use of this system are governed by the laws of Japan.

16. All disputes, disputes or disagreements arising between JETRO and the customer (system user) due to or related to the legal relationship and derived rights and obligations regarding the provision of this system shall be handled by The Japan Commercial Arbitration Association. It shall be settled by arbitration conducted in Tokyo, Japan, in accordance with the rules of commercial arbitration. Arbitration shall be conducted in English. The decision of the arbitral award is final and an enforcement decision can be obtained from any court having jurisdiction.


1. Regarding the information provided by the supplier or JETRO in this system, JETRO does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, relevance of purpose, and up-to-dateness. Therefore, it is the customer’s own judgment whether or not to adopt the information. Please do it at your own risk. JETRO shall not be liable to the customer even if the customer suffers a disadvantage in connection with the information provided by this system.

2. When providing this system, JETRO does not guarantee the operational stability of this system, and it will not be possible to provide it due to a failure of this system, communication status, customer’s setting environment, or other reasons. It may be interrupted. JETRO shall not be liable to the customer even if the customer suffers any disadvantages due to or related to this.

3. JETRO may change the contents of this system, discontinue the provision of all or part of this system without notice, or terminate the participation of certain customers in the following cases. JETRO shall not be liable in any way for any disadvantages said customers suffer as a result of or in connection with this.
(1) When a natural disaster, terrorism, war, political instability, immigration restrictions, infectious diseases, labor conflicts, or other force majeure events occur.
(2) When a business meeting is cancelled or postponed in whole or in part by the counterparty using this service, regardless of whether or not there is a justifiable reason.
(3) When a malfunction occurs or is likely to occur in the system, etc. specified in the preceding paragraph.
(4) When the customer’s situation changes, such as when the terms of use are not met.
(5) In addition to the previous item, when the customer violates JETRO’s instructions, conditions, or agreement with JETRO.
(6) When there is a risk such as security in the terminal environment such as the customer’s PC, the Internet line and the status of the application.
(7) When it is found that the customer is substantially involved in antisocial forces.
(8) When the customer commits an act that violates domestic or foreign laws, an act that is not a violation of the law but is significantly fraudulent, or an act that violates public order and morals, or when there is a suspicion thereof.
(9) In addition to the provisions in the preceding items, when JETRO determines that it is appropriate.

4. JETRO protects JETRO’s personal information so that the system that builds this system and the Internet line, etc. are not damaged by computer virus infection, unauthorized access, cracking, etc. (hereinafter, “system infringement, etc.”). We will comply with the security standards stipulated in the regulations and strive to take appropriate preventive measures.

5. Notwithstanding the provisions of the preceding paragraph, even if a system breach occurs and corporate information, personal information or other information is leaked, JETRO shall not be liable to the customer beyond the obligations set forth in the preceding paragraph.

6. JETRO does not guarantee the success or failure of any business matching (including, but not limited to, when, with whom, and with what content) or the outcome of any business matching using this service, and shall not be liable to the customer in any way for any result arising from such business matching. After the business matching, the customer shall be responsible for contacting the other party, negotiations, any procedures and transactions that occur. JETRO shall not be liable for any economic disadvantages or disputes arising as a result of non-performance of the negotiations for reasons attributable to the customer or the other party.

7. You may not provide information obtained from JETRO to any third party without permission, whether for a fee or free of charge. If you wish to refer to or quote information obtained from JETRO, you must obtain the permission of the source or copyright holder and clearly indicate the name and source of the material. If you fail to comply with this paragraph and cause any dispute involving JETRO, JETRO shall not be liable for any loss or damage, and you shall indemnify JETRO for any such loss or damage.

8. Please note that there is a possibility that business meetings could be canceled due to weather conditions, strikes, accidents during travel or other unforeseen circumstances beyond JETRO’s control. In such cases, JETRO will not be able to compensate for cancellation fees, damages related to interpreters or transportation or other expenses.

9. In addition to the provisions of the preceding paragraphs, JETRO shall not be liable to the customer for any damages incurred in the process of using the system from the application for the use of this system.